Nylon Cable Chain

Nylon chain link trunking for protection of machine service components such as cables, pneumatic and hydraulic pipes when used in robotics and other applications where services are required to move with the movement of the machinery.

The chain may be used in ambient temperatures between -25°C and +125°C and is durable against harsh corrosive environments as found in refineries and machine applications, or areas where chemical fumes, refrigeration fluids, lubricating oils and solvents are present.

For all types the connecting pivot pins may be removed facilitating assembly of different size lengths. Mounting brackets are available seperately, brackets are supplied in sets of two. All types of chain link trunking are supplied in approximately one metre lengths.

Arranged in 6 series, in order to cope with all cable and pipe dynamic protection requirements. Light, Medium, Heavy Series for standard linear applications, Protection Series where a complete closure is required, Sliding Series for strokes up to 400 m, Robot Series for rotation applications.


Light Series

Cable chains series with small/medium sections for applications where high performance or high filling weight is not required.

Medium Series

Small/medium sizes of cable chains with yellow connecting pivot pins which offer high capacity in high performance applications. Available with snap, open cover or closed styles.

Heavy Series

A strong design with triple connecting pivot pins which allow unsupported length up to 6,5 m and maximize the service life of the chain and cables.

Sliding Series

This series of chains are specially made to be used where the travel distance is long. The links are equipped with skids which allow the chain to slide on its self, made of special polymers to reduce friction and wear. Special guide channels are available to support and to guide the chain.

Protection Series

Completely enclosed design to avoid any contact between cables and metal or wood chips, dust etc. Each link has a quickly removable cover for easy installation of the cables/hoses complete with their fittings.

Robot Series

Innovative cable chain for circular applications like welding or painting robots, manipulators etc. (allow rotation of over 360°). Available in 9 different models, each link have opening cross pieces to allow easy installation of cable/hoses.

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